Botswana, the ‘last wilderness’, is said to be the gem of Africa. Characterised by ‘natural riches, a low human population, a visionary government and the highest GDP per capita, Botswana certainly sets the bar. With over 40% of the country set aside for wildlife and ‘blessed with some of the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth, Botswana is one of the greatest safaris destinations in Africa’. – Lonely Planet

A note for our guests:

During the compilation stage of your itinerary it must be noted that these locations are not only tremendously different during various times of the year but also fluctuate in accessibility depending on the level of flood (Okavango Delta and Linyanti Swamps) and of course the amount of rain we have had. As the years progress, we are seeing a drastic change in weather and this will too effect what and where we recommend. Not all areas suit any time of the year or any type of activity. This is in fact the true benefit of a mobile safari in that we are actually able to select the right locations for the specific time of year that you would like to travel.

As a private mobile safari operator, we reserve sites in each of the below locations not accessible by the daily traveller. These sites are separate to public sites, providing the ultimate privacy for your safari experience. The sites that we refer to can be described as a piece of ground on which we set up your mobile camp. There is nothing there and once we depart we leave nothing behind but footprints.