Mobile Safaris

A mobile safari is in short a privately guided travel adventure led by your professional guide, together with a chef and camp assistants, in a private safari vehicle fully equipped with every essential piece of camping equipment needed. Camps are mobile and the trip moves from one game area to another, through areas you have hand selected together with your guide and agent before the trip commences.

DSC_0009This experience we feel is the closest we get now days to how people traveled in the past through unknown and foreign lands. Walk Botswana Safaris feels that there is no better was to discover Botswana than on a mobile safaris, testing each of the diverse landscapes this beautiful and unique country has to offer.

Each safari is planned for a specific group, taking into consideration the composition of the group, the travel experience within the group, the time of year and the additional activities required. Walk Botswana Safaris prioritizes fulfilling each individuals safari needs, from the type of wine they like to drink, to the tent set up needed for the group. Not only is the setup itself tailor designed but your itinerary is pre‐planned based on your individual needs and requirements, of course taking into consideration the time of year you would like to travel.

Most safaris focus on the Kalahari, Chobe & Okavango Delta areas in Botswana, which are very sensitive areas that we endeavor to protect through controlled and responsible tourism.
Walk Botswana Safaris also operates throughout the entire northern region of Botswana including Chobe National Park, the Okavango Pan Handle, Magkadikgadi and Nxai Pan areas. A tailor-made safari to any other areas that you would like to visit can also be arranged, please do not hesitate to make know a specific area that you might like to travel to.


On request, guided game walks can be arranged in specifically designated areas. In this way closer encounters with the quieter and smaller aspects of nature are made, as well as some of the larger!  As there is no walking in national parks and game reserves here in Botswana, we arrange our walks for private wildlife concessions (areas), which we will book with highly experienced specialist guides.
Generally, Walk Botswana Safaris start in Maun, Kasane or Victoria Falls area where you will be met by your guide at a predetermined place (airport or hotel) and travel together by road to each area. We also do mixed mobile and lodge itineraries to be able to produce the desired experience. Where necessary transfers can be arranged by road or charter plane.

Why choose Walk Botswana Safaris?


We have opted to remain affordable, while still offering a tailor-made, semi-luxury safari experience to those who are genuinely interested in wildlife and the preservation of this unique and diverse part of the world. Walk Botswana Safaris is able to offer you a taste of wild Africa, showing you just how the explorers did it before our modern age, most likely how you have not experienced it before.

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Being a owner managed, run and guided safari company, Walk Botswana Safaris can ensure that you experience the best of what Botswana has to offer.

“I’m African and have been in the safari business all my life, my passion is to show people the real Africa and give them a life changing experience” Gareth Flemix.
The guides are enthusiastic to share their wealth of knowledge, passion and wonders of the bush. Not only are our guides charismatic in their approach about the bush, but they are also great story tellers guaranteed to provide many laughs around the camp fire.


Our guides are experienced and highly qualified, having spent many years in the bush and traveling to the locations set out on your itinerary. They draw on this wealth of experience and knowledge to make your safari an exceptional one.
Guests get to focus on game viewing and immerse themselves in nature far from life’s normal hectic pace while dedicated camp assistants take care of catering, camp chores and duties.
The open game viewing vehicles are kitted for comfort from seating, ponchos, blankets to hot wattle bottles during winter months.

We provide comfortable safari vehicles making long distance or many hours in the vehicle easy on the body and the mind. Each vehicle is equipped with all that is needed on a real African adventure, from chargeable plug points, bean bags for your cameras, to first aid, and built in fridges. Each vehicle also has a full library with bird, tree, plants, mammals, reptiles and more, so please do not feel you need to bring any with you.

Walk Botswana Safaris provides a quintessential African safari experience that combines the rustic, untamed wilderness of Botswana’s most iconic destinations, with comfortable mobile camping accommodation and an exclusive game viewing adventure.

Environmentally Friendly?

Walk Botswana Safaris is totally committed to having a low impact on the environment around us. We endeavour in each way possible to contribute not only to ongoing environmentally friendly techniques but also to teaching more people about the value of such places that we are lucky enough to work in.


IMG_8591A safari, for a child is a first-hand introduction to Africa’s beauty and landscapes. As they soak up the diversity of the experience, the amazement on their faces is priceless!

We offer a complete family tented units with a en-suite bathrooms, which allows children and parents to walk to and from each individual tent, without being exposed to the environment around them. This allows parents to check on their children at night without the dangers of leaving their tent but still having the privacy and space that they may want. Our focus is placed on keeping children occupied during their stay in the untamed heart of Africa. Where necessary the length of the game drive can be limited if needed for younger safari goers. We strongly suggest that book a fully private safari if you are small family.

IMGP9328We believe that the experience comes first, so if something very interesting crops up during a game drive and area permitting, we stay out and the camp brings the food to us, ensuring we don’t miss out on anything spectacular.
Big Game encounters (from primal behavior such as stalking, the kill, mating rituals etc.) provide many teachable moments which our experienced and highly qualified guides make full use of. The bush protocol also entrenches valuable attributes of life on young minds such as respect, sensitivity to your surroundings, quality time with family and humility while honing the importance of listening skills.


3m² dome tents
2 windows (zip-up) with canvas cover (zip-up)

Small awning across front (zip up) door.Back (zip-up) door access to 3m² bathroom,
Bathroom has enclosed canvas walls, covered floor astro turf Shower Floor, bush toilet (long-drop), hot bucket shower and small table, mirror, hand-wash basin per person and jug, stretcher bed with the most comfortable linen with blankets and everything else you need(Towel+ face cloths)  Powerful mobile LED Lights are also provide in the tents.

Laundry is done during the safari, just not smalls (underware) due to cultural reasons.

Inter-leading family tent.  A specially designed private family is provided with the same accessories as above, this will allow the parent to move to and from each tent to assist the children during the night with out leaving the safety of the Tent. This camping arrangement is a very new idea and really works. You still have two toilets which are not in the same en-suite area with the shower on the side, please see attached photos.


Mobile Safaris Include:

All camping equipment (Standard or en-suite bow dome tents with bedrolls – bedding & towels included)
Private HATAB or BOGA campsites and if not available will give a alternative option., where available, with bush showers/toilets shared as per regulations (max 6 pax per toilet), if not available at time of booking, an alternative will be offered (DWNP or other) We try and choose the best possible Camp sites for the time of the Year, to ensure the best game viewing experience and shade, we don not believe to camp 60km from the “hotspots”
We try our best to get the best possible campsite in the best area for the safari.
All activities as stated (unless specifically marked optional)
All camping and park entrance fees as per the itinerary
Services of a Private Guide and Camp Assistant and back-up vehicle where needed.
Transport in an open Land Rover game drive vehicle for optimal game viewing, fully equipped with fridge and charging point to be able to re-charge any devices.
All meals are prepared over an open fire and wine is included with the evening meal (other drinks may be included depending on the quotation of your safari – (please enquire) and provide dietary requirements / preferences.
All sundowner treats and drinks according to the quotation of your safari and packed lunches.
Selected drinks (local wine, been, water, soft drinks)
Road transfers between all campsites as per the itinerary (unless other modes of transport such as light aircraft transfers are specified).
Mobile Safaris Exclude:

Other beverages and dietary preferences / requirements unless otherwise arranged.
Any optional activities (unless otherwise arranged to be included)
International Flights and local flights
Any Visa fees
Items of a personal nature (see suggested packing list), personal spending and tips
Rental of camera equipment or Binoculars  is optional, please contact us if you need to hire any equipment.

A DAY ON SAFARI with Walk Botswana Safari

We do not do any fixed departure dates and only focus on private arranged specialized safaris.
As it is a private safari, you can enjoy the peaceful ambience of a private campsite with your travel companions and while enjoying the sights and sounds of the wilderness. Enjoy life for what it is.
Days will be spent exploring the national parks and reserves on open specialized Game viewing vehicles, designed for optimal game viewing and photography in safety. In addition, your itinerary may include boating, Mokoro (dug-out tree/canoe) excursions and guided walks depending on which areas you select to visit and your preferences.
Evenings may include a night-time game drive after dinner and/or fireside chats and/or star gazing.
A mobile safari with Walk Botswana Safaris is an all-encompassing experience. From the moment you enter the National Parks in Botswana you are surrounded by an incredibly un-spoilt wilderness area. Even the transfer to the campsites is part of your safari adventure! Activities vary in different areas but your day predominantly follows the same routine, with the exception of transfer days when campsites are moved.
On a full day in camp you generally awake at sunrise and join your group around the campfire for that first ‘essential’ hot drink of preference. While everyone prepares for the morning game drive a light breakfast is served. We head out as early as is permitted in the National Parks in order to be the first on the roads to track fresh spoor left from the animal’s overnight activities. Your Guide determines where would be the best area visit on the game drive depending on what calls were heard during the night as well as the tracks found on the road.  Occasionally stopping the vehicle to listen for signals from a variety of sources. Part of the unique appeal of Botswana is that the wildlife moves naturally and you are actually ‘searching’ for them, which can lead to the most amazing sightings and a great appreciation and respect for the bush.

While being mindful of having a low impact on the environment and ecology as a whole, careful consideration is given before driving off-road to follow these signals or the tracks left on the road.
Depending on what has been spotted on the morning game drive we would stop and enjoy a hot drink to stretch the legs, if something interesting has been spotted we try and spend as much time with the animal as possible to ensure the best photographic opportunity.
Back at camp we enjoy a lunch or brunch, depending on the time. This could be followed by a hot shower and that great safari tradition, ‘siesta time’, or spent catching up with a journal of the day’s activities or some reading. We meet together for afternoon tea and then head out on the afternoon’s activities, perhaps seeking a new area or returning to a great morning sighting.
We focus on trying our best to spend as much time with species that you are interested in, so that you don’t miss any opportunity of a life changing experience.
Whilst camping in the National Parks we need to return to camp by sunset to conform to the park regulations, however if camping on a private area we are permitted to return after dark, and experience wonderful night drives which allows us to go in search of nocturnal species which we not might see during the day. In some areas such as Xakanaxa in Moremi or the Chobe River area we may include a boat cruise – check your itinerary for details. Some private areas we may be permitted to go for guided walks, again check your itinerary for details. It is also possible that we may do a full day trip to a different area of the park with a picnic lunch.
On the days that we move camp, the pattern differs. Departure time depends on the weather and the full itinerary – i.e. how much time is allocated for each campsite and for the transfer. Your guide will brief you on the evening prior to a camp move. Your guide combines his knowledge of the wildlife, safety and road and weather conditions when planning your activities and transfers. It also depends on the moving distance of the next day movements.


All meals are prepared for over an open fire, whetting your appetite with tantalizing aromas as we cook the hearty

and healthy bush cuisine on offer. We cater for any dietary preferences and/or requirements as stipulated in the

booking form.  However, the very nature of a camping safari affects the type of provisions that we can bring along.

Supplies can be seasonal, but we do guarantee that there will be a variety of healthy and flavorsome food provided

Meals can either be taken at a set dining table or enjoyed in a relaxed manner around the campfire. Evenings are

spent relaxing and star gazing, as the guide/camp assistant takes care of cleaning up after dinner.
Food is always plentiful on safari and we provide a hearty, international style of bush cuisine – A typical day’s food


Sunrise- hot drink around a blazing log fire


Generally a light Continental breakfast is served of cereals, toast, fruit and rusks with tea/coffee, pan cakes, crumpets, but we can prepare anything on request.

On some mornings a cooked brunch is served.
Morning tea

Tea/coffee and cake or biscuits – Quick quiz on some animal tracks.

Quiches, or similar baked over the fire whilst on drive accompanied by salads, cold meats, cheese and bread with fruit.
Afternoon tea – following- siesta time

Tea/coffee and cake or biscuits
Sundowner snacks and treats – during afternoon/evening game drive

Enjoy a wonderful drink of choice in hand  whilst standing looking at the setting African sun.


Generally a hearty meal is served combining meat and vegetables. Examples of meals include: braai (barbeque),    fillet with vegetables, chicken and vegetable stir fry, spaghetti bolognaise, beef and vegetable casserole.

Tea and coffee is served with ‘something sweet’ and/or cheese platter.
Fruit and light snacks are always available. Tea, coffee and bottled water is always available. Other beverages included depend on your specific itinerary inclusions, discuss upon booking what your preferences are (to bring your own or pay additional to have drinks included).
Any dietary preferences or and/or requirements must be included on the booking form such as vegetarian, lactose intolerant etc.  We need to know in advance so that the supplies can be provided accordingly. Please note that there are no shops in the bush and as such everything has to be taken along. It is very difficult to accommodate special meal requirements without advance notice.
The very nature of a camping safari affects the type of provisions that we can bring along and supplies can be seasonal, however we do guarantee that there will be a variety of healthy and flavorsome food provided throughout.

For more information or Frequently asked Questions download the PDF file below