Why choose us

Being a small company it’s easy to stay in contact with the right people that will take you through all the right steps to be able to have a “life changing safari”. Also having experience in every major field from Canoeing safari/Horse-Back safari and mobile photographic safari, we know what we are doing.

D1000011_2If your dream is to experience “authentic Africa” in comfort and safety, experienced guides who customize every detail of your adventure with consideration for ethics and conservation, you’ve come to the right Company. For nearly 20 years, Gareth Flemix. has been guiding in mostly Southern African countries and conducted safaris in some of the most remotest places in Africa. Now based in Botswana due to the beauty and wonderful landscape, we handcraft once-in-a-lifetime experiences, from family vacations in luxury villas to low-to-the-ground mobile safaris and traditional-style adventures at little-known camps that capture the heart of Africa. We don’t focus on the normal sausage safaris but rather focus on the personal focus of creating the best possible safari we can.


Being a small company, owner run and owner guided from the time you step of the plane in Africa to the last minute of your safari, you will be in very experienced hands all the way.

Crafted Individually for You

IMG_0142Walk Botswana Safaris only custom-crafts one-of-a-kind safaris for clients looking for the “real Africa.” Whether you want the ultimate luxury fly-in safari with a private guide to find the Big Five, or an off-the-beaten-path African adventure with unique cultural experiences, or a wild Walking safari we can design it.
Find Luxury in The Wilderness

There’s no need to “rough it” on safari. Walk Botswana Safaris also designs once-in-a-lifetime trips that include five-star accommodations, highly personalized service, gourmet meals, spas and stylish modern furnishings. Botswana, a land of remarkable diversity, provides wonderful National Parks with some of the best Big Game wild life viewing around the globe. We deisgn the best itinaries which will ensure you are at the right place at the right time to be able to view the most game possible. We focus more on giving you and experience than booking to many people.

On the other hand, if you are looking for true adventure and a raw wilderness experience, we are happy to provide you with an African adventure that will stretch your boundaries, and make your Adventure dream come true.

Create Your Own Private Experience

P1040316We prefer to help people, to design their own private safari weather is a Adventure Safari or Luxury Safari we assist you to make the right decisions for your safari to be the best possible.

Contact us today to customize your own private African adventure!
Safari is our passion, and that it is. Being in Botswana and being part of almost every safari industry from Horseback safaris to Walking safaris, to the real authentic mobiles safaris, we have done it all and still do it with passion. Being on safari is not just an activity but a love and passion from waking up with the birds blaring in your ears to every little detail that make the African bush what it is.
“We live for safaris we don’t safari to live.”