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Adventure in Style

Two-man dome tents (3m x 3m) house your floor based, high density foam mattress ensuring you a good night’s sleep. Tents are equipped with a rechargeable light that will provide ample lighting inside your tent for before sunrise or after sunset needs.


The open air but private shower tent and bathroom tent sit separately to your sleeping tent but are not far for easy access purposes both during the day and night. Showers are provided via bucket showers and toilets are long drop toilets, or ‘thunderboxes’ as we affectionately call them. While it may be a foreign concept to you with regards to going to the toilet, we include real toilet seat in the ‘experience’ to make it more comfortable for you. Don’t worry we consider cold showers something that even the explorers didn’t brave themselves. Water is heated up over the fire and then prepared for you by our staff, no heavy lifting required. So, while you gaze up at the night sky you can wash off the dust you have managed to collect from the days adventure. For more regular washing needs, raised canvas basins are provided in front of your tent and filled with water regularly for washing hands, teeth or perhaps just dusting off your feet quickly.


Meals are specially prepared over the fire and served in the dining tent by our very own safari chef. Meals and snacks are abundant and fresh despite the remote setting. Our safari chefs pride themselves on being able to prepare quality meals despite it being over the fire, guaranteeing surprise and awe from our guests. Alcoholic beverage, soda’s, juice and water are provided throughout the safari. After all what would a sunset be without a good 'ol' gin and tonic? We don’t believe in warm drinks so you can be assured of cold drinks together with the necessary ice!

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