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Luxury Style

Need the next level up in luxury – then look no further as Walk Botswana Safaris is proud to be launching our newest product, the Super Luxury Mobile Safari. On this level of safari a Sahara tent is provided. These spacious tents are equipped with full on beds, luxurious linen, extra pillows and a standing wardrobe. Large windows provide amazing views of the landscape around you, as well as any wildlife activity that may pass your way. Attached to your tent is a spacious en-suite bathroom, fitted with a long drop toilet and washing facilities including a basin with running water and a bucket shower, with an extra big shower head for your showering enjoyment. Our long drop toilet is also a super lux version of the standard ‘thunder box’ with wooden throne and wooden toilet seat with a self ash ‘flushing’ handle on the toilet itself. Just like all our other safari setup’s, the super lux bathroom is uncovered providing each and every opportunity for you to enjoy nature around you. Situated on your veranda is a vanity table together with basin and running water. Also outside your tent is a relaxing area just for yourselves, with comfortable chairs and a small table to store your reading material or binoculars on as you enjoy the wilderness around you.


Our very own safari chef will make sure that not a moment of the day goes past that you think about food before it thinks of you. Breakfast includes a hot option, baked option, as well as cereals and yoghurt, lunches are buffet style with a selection of salads, pies or fresh breads followed by a cheese board, topped off with high tea in the afternoon, catering to the sweet tooth in us all, finishing the day off with a three course dinner under the starry night sky. On one of the nights on safari, the desert will take place in the form of a wine and chocolate pairing, something our guests rage about! Let’s not forget the snacking opportunities provided during the day in the form of a coffee stop in the morning and a sundowner snack is the afternoon. To step up the coffee experience, we are able to provide our guests with cappuccino, espresso or latte’s, together with a good selection of coffee options, with mostly African based beans. To spice up our sundowners we have included a cocktail afternoon, just to add a bit of variety for your drinking pleasure.

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