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"The size of 'the plane' is proportionate to the level of adventure that lies ahead."

Teagan Cunniffe, Skyways

Helicopter Camping

This product combines the oldest of safari activities; walking, with one of the newest forms of safari travel; helicopters.

Our newest product is the ultimate adventure for our walking guests, taking them off the map for a truly unique safari experience. We take you up close and personal with wildlife and the landscape around you in areas with no trace of another human. This exclusive product has to our knowledge never been done before, taking you to the forefront of safari adventure.

This product combines the oldest of safari activities; walking with one of the newest forms of safari travel; helicopters. We believe that this combination brings to you the best of both worlds, while still maintaining a low carbon footprint in areas that has not been compromised by the impact of man. This product uses a combination of sleep out nights and lodge nights to give you an adventurous, yet luxurious experience. Our sleep out nights are taken in unknown locations, wherever our weary feet feel the need to make camp for the night – be it under a relieving canopy of shady jackal berry trees or next to a weaving river channel. We do, however make an effort to not locate ourselves in areas that will disturb the natural flow of wildlife around us but rather benefit from watching the undisturbed movement. The basic equipment needed for the sleep out nights will be carried by each walker, sufficient for a good night’s rest yet not excessive, certainly not including any luxury items. What you carry is all that you need and nothing more! A good reminder of how little we really do need to survive.

‘So how are the helicopters involved?’ you ask. Many of the areas in which we walk are remote, difficult to access by vehicle or just straight out impossible. These areas by nature provide the remotest experiences, just by being off the ‘beaten track’. So, we bring in the choppers when we need to access these areas, traverse a tricky piece of terrain such as an impassable flood plain, deep channel or immense mopane forest. They bring in an extra level of exclusivity, brush off the basic transfer by vehicle and get into the most pristine of landscapes.

As mentioned, the sleep out nights are interspersed with nights at a lodge, normally walking to arrive late afternoon at our next destination. This night in a lodge gives you the chance keep in touch with the luxury yet remain exhilarated on adventure. You are also given a chance to indulge in the activities at the lodge on these selected days, whether it be a boat or mokoro (traditional canoe) trip or even a game drive if you so fancy. The specific lodges that are selected for these nights will depend on the locations in which we are walking, but our itineraries include all the information and names of the lodges for your interest. It is the perfect mix of adventure and luxury, giving you, genuinely, the best of both worlds.

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