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The Classic Style

There is no shame in liking it a tad on the luxurious side. We certainly do! High density foam mattresses sit on raised ‘cots’ inside your two-man dome tents. You won’t even know that you are not in your bed at home, except for the incredible night sounds of the African bush that lull you to sleep. Don’t fret about those nippy nights as you will be accompanied in bed with a hot water bottle to keep the chill away. Tents are equipped with a rechargeable light that will provide ample lighting inside your tent for before sunrise or after sunset needs.

Our en-suite tents boast a spacious bathroom space attached to the back of your two-man dome (3m x 3m) tent. This bathroom is open to the sky, providing you great views of the magnificent trees and starry nights while showering. Bathrooms are equipped with a shower, long drop toilet and table for your ablution needs. Steamy hot water is most certainly a necessity, whether it be in your bucket showers or in the raised canvas basins in front of your tent, for washing hands, brushing your teeth or washing the dust from your feet. For relaxing at your tent, canvas director chairs are provided for you to fully immerse yourself in the natural setting of your camp.

Our very own safari chef will make sure that not a moment of the day goes past that you think about food before it thinks of you. Breakfast includes a hot option, as well as cereals and yoghurt, lunches are buffet style with a selection of salads, pies or fresh breads, topped off with high tea in the afternoon, catering to the sweet tooth in us all, finishing the day off with a three course dinner under the starry night sky. Let’s not forget the snacking opportunities provided during the day in the form of a coffee stop in the morning and a sundowner snack is the afternoon.


Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, juice and water are provided throughout this style of safari, always served cold unless specifically wanted otherwise. Our safari vehicles are also equipped to charge all your ‘bells and whistles’ that you need to capture those sacred memories of your amazing safari in Botswana.

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