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"For an authentic safari, it is difficult to beat a mobile – the original form of this quintessential African adventure." James Gifford

Private tailor made mobile safari expeditions

Walking specialists providing you the ultimate safari adventure

Exclusive product taking you to the forefront of safari adventure

Mobile Safaris

Mobile Safaris Expeditions

Disconnect to reconnect. Simple and exhilaratingly straight forward, yet success is guaranteed. That is exactly where our safaris start, by providing you the space you need to disconnect. By spending time offline we believe you give yourself the ability to reconnect with life itself, time to breath, time to reflect and time to appreciate the beauty of the natural world around you. Having been in the industry for some time, we promote exclusivity and a good measure of ‘the personal touch’ as the new luxury. By providing you a tailor-made experience, your memories are not only extremely personal to you and the group you are traveling with, but also the impressions you make will most certainly stay with you for a lifetime. Step out of a world where you are one of many, into your safari experience where you become a distinct individual.

‘To live is to experience things, not to sit around pondering the meaning of life’ – Paulo Coelho

Walk Botswana Safaris is a mobile safari operator specialising in walking safaris. Based in Maun, WBS is a small, owner managed operation specialising in all places BOTSWANA. Gareth Flemix, owner and head guide for the safari business has been guiding safaris in Botswana since 2002, with many more years of safaris elsewhere under his belt. A good guide is essential for a good safari.

WBS operates safaris both inside and outside of National Parks and Game Reserves within Botswana, including the Okavango Delta, Linyanti, Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Savute and Chobe through to the far reaches of the Kgalagadi. All areas are unfenced, allowing animals to freely move from one resource ‘ground’ to another. Our safaris are all private tailor-made journeys, specific to your group, their needs and requests. Personalising each part of your trip is what we focus on, producing a safari of a life time.

Authentic and ethical experiences are crucial in today’s developing world, where each person’s contribution to the protection of the planet is a necessity. WBS prides itself on providing authentic and ethically minded experiences. With an honorary wildlife officer and qualified conservationist leading the way, WBS certainly works hard to fulfil its role in protecting the ecosystems it bases its business on. Additionally, mobile safaris and in particular walking safaris are certainly a more eco-conscious form of travelling today than any fixed or permanent lodges, keeping your footprint as you enjoy your travels to a minimum.


Adventure is our middle name and being specialists in the walking safari business gives us a ‘heads start’ on experiential based products. Exploring the wilderness around you is special enough but to do so on foot, in an unknown landscape is most certainly a redefining experience. It’s a unique feeling today to feel small and part of the ‘food chain’, yet it brings life and the world around us into perspective. Of course, we always make sure that you never become part of the ‘food chain’ itself. Our aim with walking safaris is to provide our guests the opportunity to observe the natural world around them without being influencers of it. Watching a herd of elephant’s drink and swim in the river unbeknown to them, smiling at a group of warthog graze on their knees, being fascinated by the pattern that really does exist between browsing giraffes and the acacia’s they feed on. Often today, safaris are about getting as close to the animal as possible and getting the perfect photos.


For us here at Walk Botswana Safaris, the experience both on foot and in a vehicle, is about following the action at the pace of nature itself.





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